Stationery Romer on a unicorn pool float holding a dog.

Well, hey, there. Thanks for stopping by Stationery Romer.

I’m a Storyteller + Doodler + Human Pun Factory.

My cards are all about persevering through life’s day-to-day craziness without letting yourself go crazy right along with it. At least most of the time. (Austin rush hour traffic and cookies with raisins—I’m looking at you with my best “Clint Eastwood” grimace.) These positively off/kilter greetings hopefully make you, or someone you know, smile wide, laugh on the inside, or even groan on the outside.

As for me, I’m Laura Romer, and I’m anything but stationary. I live in Austin, TX, and got a squirrel-meets-tornado brain that’s constantly bouncing between 39 different Internet tabs opened at any given time until they all crash unexpectedly into a pile of [insert flaming poop emoji]. When that happens, I just start it back up all over again without missing a beat. Except when I’m un-rhythmically dancing it out. A lot of beats have been lost and yet to be found over the years.

I also have a habit of making really bad puns in real time. Most of the time they’re cheesy, but occasionally I sneak a pretty Gouda one in there—and even make a card out of some of them.